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Do You Need Tree Services in Santa Maria or Surrounding Areas?

At Santa Maria Tree Service we know your tree is one of the natural gifts of nature to beautify our world. Trees can be an asset if properly taking care of which could serve as a lifelong investment.

Tree care is the application of arboricultural methods like pruning, trimming, and tree removal in the process of building an environment or beautifying existing surrounding.

​Tree care in Santa Maria, CA involves the use of professional knowledge (expert) in managing the tree health in order not to cause havoc to the current atmosphere.

Our arborists are well-known professionals and have extensive experience in the health of your surroundings and with our tools to successfully remove trees and stumps of any size without touching the existing landscape.

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How We Help Your Tree Health


The appearance of your tree tells you about your surroundings. Having a well-managed tree, helps in branch management, either to developing broad or short branches. We help to beautify your environment by utilizing our industry-leading tree removal machines.

Better Growth

For good development of fruit from fruit trees, pruning improves the size and quantity of the crop. Fruit trees are better pruned during the winter periods for shape and for sunlight exposure.

Pest Control

As different trees serve different benefits to different individuals. The control of pests is an important part of tree care and some pests require immediate attention which serves to protect the tree and your landscape.

Tree Removal

Our goal is to remove a tree without a trace. Hiring for tree removal in Santa Maria gives us the advantage to prove our integrity. Our experts are advanced in cutting down trees and can also leave them as firewood if you deem it fit for you. Our core teams can fell a tree of any shape and location. We have a good knowledge of felling trees in public and private properties.

Why Choose Us?

We make use of our modern updated equipment for tree planting and removing, or any other tree needs. The benefit of choosing us not only revolves around using good equipment but the assurance of safety for your environment while working. Also leaving your property intact and safe after work is done, whether it’s tree trimming, pruning, stump removal.

Developing a good ideology on trees and their needs. Although we work for our clients leading in whatever task they need us to do, we also offer advice to our clients on better means to their tree instead of cutting it down. We have been providing tree service in the Santa Maria area for years.

Value of keeping to the time for any work appointment, we set our priority to deliver work at the agreed time of completion. We offer emergency tree service on the Central Coast. Having good health is unequivocally linked with living in a serene environment. This makes us have specialization in tree service as a natural gift of nature. We strive by all means to make your residence a safe and special place to come home.

​How Do You Know If Your Tree Is Dead?

Dead Portions (Fungus Effect)

When the growth system in a tree is not consistent, i.e growing at the top and wilted in the middle, this means it’s been attacked by a disease. Over time if not taking care of, the whole tree could die as a result of the disease attacking the whole system of the tree like the human body.

​A dead tree can be identified through the notice of deadwood. Fungus effect on a dead part of a tree is seen as normal, but the presence of a large amount of fungus on a certain part of a tree indicates a die-off sign. 

Brown Twigs and Stiffness

A dead tree can be recognized by scraping a piece of the twigs If it displays a brownish color and is stiff, then it is a sign of a dead tree.

Lack Of Growth

Spring is the best known period for tree growth, lack of growth during this period could be a sign of tree death. During winter period times is when tree sap becomes dry and branches lose nutrients in them. But during spring season the tree is back to its new shape and new leaves sprout up. If the tree fails to grow during this period, then it could be dying.

Losing Big Branches

Loss of branches does occur to a tree during the cold weather. Its ability to sustain all the branches is quite little to when it’s having full strength in the spring period. But the loss of a sizable amount of branches during the spring period notes a death sentence for the tree as it has no strength to withstand holding the branches together.

We had a dead tree that was leaning pretty bad towards our garage. These guys came out quickly and removed it before doing major damage! Don’t waste your time with anyone else!

Samantha L.