Emergency Tree Services

Emergency Tree Service in Santa Maria and the Central Coast

When seasonal storms hit Santa Maria and the surrounding areas, your yard can suddenly seem a lot less safe and stable than it was the day before.

​It can be difficult and expensive to find tree services during natural disasters, but if one or more of your trees has become unstable or has fallen down.

These are the very times that you need fast and reliable emergency tree removal services. At Tree Service Santa Maria we provide rapid assessment and response to after-hours tree emergencies.

During emergencies, we prioritize responses for repeat customers. We follow the physician’s creed: do no further damage to the tree (or the house!) than it has already experienced.

​We are committed to safety in every situation, no matter how heavy or complex the job. Undertaking safe work practices to ensure that our employees and our customers are as well-protected as possible under all kinds of emergency conditions.

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​It’s a cause of injury and death among DIY tree removers.

DIY vs PRO for Tree Care on the Central Coast

We are very experienced in performing the most sophisticated tree removals. Our caravan of big trucks has traveled to numerous storms in the Central Coast area. Sometimes it is difficult to find a tree service during a natural disaster, but we always go and we give priority treatment to previous customers.

A major DIY (do-it-yourself) home and garden TV channel offers this advice:
“Chainsaws can be extremely dangerous. If a large tree needs to be trimmed, consult a tree removal professional.”

A national arboretum website advises, “…with fallen and damaged trees…a professional should be hired. They are properly equipped. The pruning of large trees can be dangerous and should not be taken lightly.”

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