Tree Debris Cleanup

What’s Included In Our Debris Cleanup Service?

‚ÄčOur crews can get all dead trees, large branches, unwanted trees, poisonous vines, or whatever you want gone, we can accommodate you. Our rates will vary depending on what needs removed or hauled off, but our Free Quote lets you know the cost for your job without any unpleasant surprises later!

If you have many tree branches or entire trees needing to be removed, such as old dead Oaks, for instance, we can cut and stack it for you to be used as cooking wood and heating for fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. We can also have mulch piles made available from small wood bark and pieces to use for your plants after the cleanup.

If a company is not experienced or professional, they could leave your trees and landscaping looking very unpleasant. Or, even worse, they could cause major damage to your home, driveway, and property.


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Tree Service Santa Maria offers thorough, fast, and affordable lot clearing and debris removal for whatever your particular needs are.

You may have just purchased a property and face the daunting task of clearing the lot, along with whatever may be leftover, from run-down old sheds to large piles of debris-there is really no telling the diverse types of unusual stuff needing to be cleared from the property.

Finding a reliable tree service to perform tree trimming, tree removal and debris cleanup in Santa Maria can be quite the challenge. We are available to commercial properties as well as residential homeowners.

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