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We are proud to provide our customers with the best possible solutions to their tree problems. We offer evaluations by our team of experts on every aspect of tree health and safety, for individual trees and for the health of your whole yard.

​If you’re searching for Santa Maria tree removal or other tree-care services, look no further! We are your source for every kind of tree services your yard might need, from simple trimming to emergency tree removal to expert examination and treatment of tree illnesses and bugs.

Santa Maria tree service provides expertise in tree removal, tree care, and health for customers on the Central Coast. Not only do we provide tree removal (including weather-related and other emergency tree removal services) and tree trimming, our professionals can assess the health, stability, and structural integrity of your trees.

We conduct growth assessments and examine soil type and pH to advise you on when and what type of fertilization may benefit your trees’ development, immune system, growth, and general health. Our tree services are safe, fast, economical, and reliable. As far as we’re concerned, no job is too small and no tree is too large!

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Tree Maintenance

As the year goes by, your trees will require seasonal maintenance, such as pruning, trimming, and occasional health check-ups. Here at Tree Service Santa Maria our staff of professionals is on call to examine your trees and advise you on tree health, the needs of the yard and the tree, ideal times for activities like pruning and fertilizing, and potential treatment for wounds, illnesses, and insects.

We offer fast and thorough evaluations of potential issues and our tree service professionals are always on the lookout for anything that might affect the health of your trees. Maintaining a watch on common problems that are showing up in trees around the greater Santa Maria area, such as the “bug of the season” and other infections that come and go and appear in our region, in order to be the most effective and informative Central Coast tree services provider we can be.

We provide prompt and safe tree trimming in Santa Maria and the surrounding area. Whether we are cutting back branches from where they hang too close to a house or street, removing dead or unhealthy limbs to make room for more healthy growth, or adjusting the size and shape of the tree to allow clear sight lines and sufficient sunlight for other plants around the yard, let us be your Santa Maria tree care provider. We are committed to safety and excellence in every stage of the process.

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